3 Days Anti-polio Campaign begins in Karachi

Karachi (Tuesday, May 23, 2017): Today 3 Days Anti-polio Campaign begins in Karachi’s many area to beat the 22 million children up to 5 years, which was launched 3-day anti-polio campaign in Karachi will be given protective dose against polio virus.Today Three-day anti-polio campaign startss off in Sindh

Director of Health Protection of Karachi Dr Tawfiq said the anti-polio drive polio, mobile teams, fixed centers, bus serving the Polio drops duties on the bases and railway stations, district administration of polio have security volunteer’s police and Rangers will be present.

The experts of medicine says that the virus is that the intensity of the summer until August to May of the virus this season is rapidly expand the hot weather in Pakistan are growing polio case in any area polio cases, a case is also called epidemic on the report, as is the atmosphere of polio join the 2 kilometers that pregnancy, children younger than 5 years and baby renders disabled forever the polio virus attacks, and that paralyzed child, the child is paralyzed legs and lower parts of body.


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