43 Kharab and 13 Arab federal budget 2015-2016 announced

Islamabad( Friday, June 05, 2015): Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Darren 16-2015 fiscal year budget of 43 billion to 13 billion announced in the budget 780 billion for defense and energy sectors have been allocated 248 billion.

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar Presents Budget 2015 – 2016

Salient features of federal budget 2015-2016

Federal Finance Minister of Defense in the next fiscal year’s budget increased by 11 percent to 780 billion rupees have been allocated for the ADP 1513 billion, 248 billion for the energy sector, 102 billion to support programs Benazir income support program , Community Development Program 20 billion, the treasury 4 billion hydropower project Dasu first phase of 52 billion have been allocated, Neelum-Jhelum project 11 billion water project 31 billion, Earthquake Recovery 7 billion for the rehabilitation of IDPs and 100 billion earmarked in the budget.

According to the Federal Minister of Finance 20 billion for special schemes are for the Prime Minister’s Youth Business Loan Scheme 6 percent interest rate has been reduced from 8 percent, to far off aeas fiber optic link to connect to the rest of the country 2.8 billion will be invested, 19-2014 for textile policy has 64 billion to 15 billion financial package.

The disbursement of funds for nyymaly year 500 billion increase from 600 billion’re next 3 years 30 thousand tubewells to put the loans will be paid, and especially 5 acres of irrigated and 10 acres arid owned credit to farmers be The farmer will buy solar powered tube wells prmark loans for which the government would pay up.

Govt employees increase the salary 7.5 % and the pension alos increase to 7.5 %. The medical alliance also increased by 25 percent. The minium salary of a non govt sector fixed from 13000 that was 12000 last budget. Federal Finance Minister industrial units in KP levied income tax exemption for 5 years announced t

hat, sales tax on the import of equipment, customs duties were abolished until, wind and sun to produce energy 5 years on machinery must not impose income tax, budget, rice mills have been declared exempt from taxes until 2015.

The halal meat certified companies 4-year income tax exemption will be granted, brick and gravel supply of 30 June 2018, sales tax exempt from payment is being, used construction machinery imports duty 30%


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