5000 Kg Of Harmful Meat Seized From Different Cities Of Punjab

Lahore (Friday, September 18, 2015): Department of Food Control Authority operating in different cities of more than 5,000 kg of hazardous litter 2 Bakeries and meat export the hospital canteen sealed. BEEF (WADDA GOSHT)

Punjab Food Authority Chairperson Aisha Mumtaz prominent colony in the Data Ganj Bakhsh Munshi Hospital dirt raided and sealed without a license to work the canteen.

2 bakeries Punjab Food Authority officials also raided the warehouse where thousands of eggs and other hazardous waste materials were also recovered two bakeries, which were sealed. Livestock horse Shah area of Lahore raided the illegal slaughterhouse meat exported 800 kg of hazardous arrested 2 suspects. However, the bay area Kalan also raided the livestock harmful meat exported to more than 600 kg.

Livestock illegal slaughterhouses in the Rawalpindi area raided and seized 3,600 kilograms of hazardous meat detained 13 people. Shuja Abad area of the district of Multan Piran disappeared Donkey 2 butchers who slaughter civilians caught Sufyan Ghulam Yasin and handed over to police.

Police say they had to bring a donkey skin, which cost Rs 25 was fixed, we were just off the donkey skin, meat had no intention of selling. The Punjab harmful meat vendors, hotels and bakeries continue cracking.


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