ACR PER Class Four Employees BS 1 to BS 4 Download

Ministerial Staff ACR

ACR or PER is a very important document for all Govt. servants. Usually, ACR uses in promotion cases. So, therefore it has become the most important part of an employee.

Hence ACR/PER of class four (ministerial staff) Darja Charam is providing you.

ACR/PER of class 4 Dowload

Everybody who belongs to Govt. department must have this document for promotion etc. So, team is providing you to facilitate you.

Actually ACR / PER for class four is reported by the head of the institute where the class four servant is working. Because the head of the institute has the authority to appoint him or her.

When a class four employee is going to promote this ACR/PER is needed by the department. So we are sharing ACR for Darja Charam employees in jpeg format.

Download it and print it out easily. Class Four BS 1 to 4 ACR has been printed in Urdu format.

DarJa Charam ACR Below

class four ACR

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