Artist Abuzar Madhu Arrested by Punjab Police in Lahore due to his long hair

Artist Abuzar Madhu Arrested by Punjab Police in Lahore due to his long hair

Abuzar madhu long hair

Famous Pakistani actor Abuzar Madhu was arrested by Punjab Police in Kalma Chowk

Lahore just a reason for his long hair. According to his friend, tweet Natasha Javed said that Police stopped him and asked him for his identity card.

Abuzar Madhue is Artist and Teacher

He provided his ID card. The policeman (officer) asked other policemen to put him in the van and took him to the police station.

Abuzar Madhu is an artist and teacher. He told to police that he is an artist and also a teacher.

Abuzar Was Arrested For His Long Hair

When police checked out his bag they found nothing except some books. The police were not satisfied and they were blaming him due to his long hair.

They were talking about his appearance, long hair.

Abuzar Madhu spent his night in Jail and the next day his friends rushed towards the police station to release him from the police.Abuzar Madhu biography

Abuzar Madhu was very afraid of the behavior of the Police and they also harassed him without any reason.

His friend Natasha Said that How its possible to misuse their power with everyone without any reason.

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