Best Hiking Backpack: The Complete Buying Guide

Are you planning for your next trip? Looking for a suitable backpack? You prefer it large or just a little bag more convenient? Durable or just cheaper? For style, is it part of your priority or are you just looking for physical comfort?

So I created this guide to explain the benefits of each type of backpack and make it easy for you to choose your trip. A Good Buying Guide getting The Best Hiking Backpack


Since the backpack will accompany you wherever you go, during your entire hike. Indeed, while traveling around the world, the hiking backpack will be your intimate friend and so the right choice will make all the difference. If you want to go mountaineering in a mountain or go skiing for snow, we will present in this guide all the information you will need, as well as the priority criteria that will help you in your choice. Hiking backpack, the portable shortcut of your home.

Criteria to be considered

When buying your back pack travel, the most important things to consider are the length of your trip, the destination as well as the style of your trip; kind is what it is adventure or rather calm for relaxation and so on.

The freedom to take with you everything you need, while keeping your hands free, has made these accessories indispensable for travel regardless of direction.

The criteria for choosing the hiking backpack

  1. The place and purpose of your trip

The choice of trekking backpack depends on the foreground of the purpose of your trip. Is it for skiing, mountaineering or just a hike? During your trip, will you walk in full time or rather remain stabilized in a place for a long time? Will you need how many objects? This guide will be useful for you to know which backpack suits you the most for the type of your trip.

Comparison of hiking backpacks depending on the type and location of the trip.

Hiking backpacks

If you plan to hiking during your stay, you must choose a best backpack for hiking that is a bit special. The first thing is that it must be an ultra light backpack to allow a good distribution of weight on your back and especially respect for the rule 80% of the weight for the hips and 20% for the shoulders for the comfort of your spine, since you will have to travel long distances and against the direction of gravity and more, so you must choose a mountaineering backpack that will tire you the least, you will need your energy to continue until so do not get tired from the beginning. Also it is essential that your mountaineering backpack contains pockets easily accessible to the hotpot of your hand where you can put the gourd, the camera, Smartphone or tablet energizing … etc.

Waterproof Mountaineering Backpack

This  mountain backpack has a capacity of 65 liters, it’s a complete bag that keeps the back ventilated, unlike other hiking backpacks that  make your back soaked at the end of the day, exposing you to catch the cold if to keep the same clothes, this one has an  important advantage to distribute the weight especially at the shoulders thanks to the strap that brings the center of gravity to the shoulder blades and does not carry all the load on the back, which makes it more easy to wear especially if you have back problems thanks to the bulging back structure  which makes it more comfortable.

It also contains straps to install your tent or sleeping bag, not to mention the accessory whistle to use if you are lost. It is also waterproof by offering rain protection for your belongings indoors. All this with a good value for money.

Ski touring backpack

As far as ski touring backpacks are concerned, if you are more interested in sliding sports and you prefer to spend your winter holiday in the Alps or the Scandinavian countries in the snow, it should be noted that we cannot use any hiking backpack for a ski holiday, because unlike mountaineering, as a skier, your priority would not be to take or put the luggage of the campsite (sleeping bag, tent, etc.). ), but rather where to put your ski equipment (skates, ice axes, crampons, helmets  …).

Indeed, the ski touring backpack must obey some essential criteria to make things easier for you. For example if you are doing an approach walk or a technical crossing you must wear your skis and so the  ski touring backpack must be compatible with your equipment, you can wear your ski in “A”, spatulas joined by a strap or Velcro or rather  wear diagonally depending on the terrain or you want to ski.

Due to the large weight of the big skis, the ski touring backpack must be of good quality to support the heavy weight of the material, especially quality sewing and solid straps. Another important criterion not to be missed by buying your backpack hiking: have the security elements (transceiver, probe, area and shovel) within reach of your hand, because in case of danger (avalanche or other) you do not have enough time to search the bottom bag if you find yourself buried under tons of snow, it is the probe and shovel that will save you, so your backpack ski touring absolutely must allow easy access to these items.

If you participate in ski competitions you have to consider the weight in the foreground, because it is a key element in your success, a heavy bag would be bad case in this case. Finally the accessory pockets for the card, gourd and energizing tablets.

Note that you can use this hiking backpack for other purposes such as mountaineering and hiking but especially not the other way around.

Here is a good example of a ski touring backpack to recommend:

Trekking or Trekking:

During the long hike you have to take into consideration the climate of the region where you go, for example in summer when the climate is usually warm, a light and small trek backpack will suffice. On the other hand, if your hike is in winter, you will need extra clothing, warm hats and gloves, so the bag must be absolutely wider. Make sure that it can also contain an umbrella or a raincoat as well to protect you as well as the contents of your trekking backpack, so you better opt for a waterproof fabric trekking backpack.

Do not forget to try them before you buy them, fill them with anything to see if you find them comfortable or not.


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