Bin Laden’s Testate death came on the scene

Washington (Thursday, March 03, 2016) : Washington has brought the death of Osama bin Laden, former US intelligence Qaida surfaced in which he had entered a way to spend the property after his death. Osama Bin Laden Live Death Scene in Pakistan

According to foreign news agency that US forces killed Osama bin Laden after the competition had taken their posts and other items with you, including those of 113 posts as US intelligence officials believe bin Laden.

US intelligence officials said in 1990 which shows bin Laden writing about the letter written at the beginning of the decade about how to split the assets of Osama bin Laden in Sudan 29 million dollars.

It is written in the letter that a senior al-Qaeda militants percent of the $ 29 million be protected son Walid. 15 Aug 2008, if the bin Laden wrote in a letter gets first wrote that if his father take care of her children died and his wife.


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