Budget 2015-16 will be Passed in 21 days from Parliment

Islamabad(Sunday, May 17, 2015): The federal government’s fiscal Budget 2015-16 year will be passed by parliament that’s proces has been scheduled. Federal government 21 days in the fiscal year 2015-16 budget was scheduled to be passed by Parliament. Budget 2015-16 will be Passed in 21 days from Parliment

According to a copy of the federal budget plan will schedule a special meeting of 5 June kabina after approval will be submitted to Parliament the same day, the documents accompanying the budget approved for the current fiscal year’s supplementary grants offered will be after 2-day period from June 8 will begin debate on the budget, which will continue until June 22.

To conclude the Finance Minister on June 22 MPs will answer the points raised by the voting bulleted approved, the next day, on June 23 kugrants demands for discussion and will be voting for their approval, the finance 2015 will be the passage of the bill, the next 2 days after the approval of the budget for this fiscal year 2015-2016 and their supplementary grants full approval will be discussed.



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