Central Contract | The team management agreed on players requests

Lahore(Sunday, August 16, 2015): Players cry Board to increase exude heart was bargaining on contracts for the national team is expected to end on Thursday. Central Contract | The team management agreed on players requests

The PCB World Cup because the central contracts only 6 months, extended the mega event before the team’s other concerns was also the manager Naveed Akram Cheema players confidence Taking the handle although the new agreement a year to decide to which was applied from June 30 will, Haroon Rasheed, Chief Selection Committee preliminary list prepared had the compensation formula PCB and between the players to agree to go.

Test and ODI captain Misbah-ul-Azhar Ali, leader of the national team will represent both the board last week in talks on a final result could not be reached, according to the players’ demand for salary increase With the series but every match prbuns be given earlier in the world ranking top 3 teams in one or against India series win match 100% bonus policy, from the fourth to the seventh position on the teams victory 75 and less than 50 percent of the bonus has been sayydzku defeat. The deadlock after the one-way bonus PCB altogether by eliminating the monthly amount received in respect of contracts to be offered twice, the match will be no increase in fees.

If the deal passed the ” A ” category includes every player per month 9 million the amount will be paid, before the 4 million 49 thousand 2 hundred and 18 rupees, the last contract, ” B ” category of 3 lakh 14 thousand 4 hundred and 52, ” C ” one lakh 79 thousand, 6 hundred and 87, ‘D’ in place of 89 thousand 8 hundred and 47 rupees, they doubled it may be, dealing to players on the series. will have to wait until the end of the bonus and will receive a monthly payment based on category. The national team also has an offer like that first series win bonuses and match fees to obtain the monthly salaries be increased to 20% in both.

Misbah and Azhar Ali attended the Independence Day celebrations of the PCB officials last week said that the second session of the elders, sources say that consensus on the issue of contracts has been established, some Take some compromise between the two sides is likely to formula, both captains Tuesday, which is expected to meet with officials of the PCB, with the final decision in the next meeting of the Governing Board shall be submitted in the verification, Chairman PCB announces reward on subdayd that they can win the series, players are expected to increase in the monthly salaries only if lenders agreed formula stunning victories against three formats is to obtain money said.


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