Learn Cooking with Leafy Vegetables at Home

by Muhammad Sajjad

Reason enough to cook more often with these vegetables. But what do you do with it? We all know the standard endive stew and spinach recipes, but luckily there is much more! 07 delicious suggestions for recipes with leafy vegetables: So come and see Learn Cooking with Leafy Vegetables at Home here with some good tips.

Learn Cooking with Leafy Vegetables at Home

  1. Salad

Iceberg lettuce is a pretty boring base for a salad. The more types of ‘leaves’ you use, the better it gets. So use a few handfuls of leafy vegetables! This is a perfect way to make up leftovers and to cheer up that boring lunch salad.

  1. Bread

Leafy vegetables are the perfect way to also get some vegetables with your sandwiches. A hand of green fits in with almost every siege. Here, too, it applies: it makes little difference which vegetable you use. Experiment with different options and discover what your favorite combinations with other siege are!

  1. Smoothie

Because most leaves do not have a very strong taste, you can easily add them to a healthy smoothie. If you add some fruit, you will hardly taste the mild flavor of, for example, spinach, lamb’s lettuce or turnip tops. Stronger flavors such as endive and kale are less suitable here.

  1. Pesto

Pesto really does not just make from basil and pine nuts! You can also make a similar sauce from other leafy vegetables. Puree the leaves with a good dash of olive oil, nuts of your choice and some garlic, and you’re done. You serve him for example with the pasta, or again on your bread.

  1. Soup

You can also make excellent soup from leafy vegetables. Cook them briefly, puree them, and your meal is ready. An alternative is to add the vegetables in their entirety to, for example, a clear soup. Because they shrink well, they are an excellent filling.

  1. Savory pie

Also as a filling of a savory pie, you can use all possible leafy vegetables. Let’s shrink for a while, a few eggs and some herbs through it … Then the whole thing only needs to go into the oven! If you do not feel like a quiche with a crust, you can also bake a tasty frittata of the same mixture.

  1. Stamppot

And finally of course that stew. The endive can be replaced by any other tasty leafy vegetable. The potatoes can also easily be exchanged! Think for example of sweet potato, parsnip or other tuberous vegetables. So you can continue to vary endlessly!

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