Cost of Hajj 2022 Govt Hajj Applications Form Dates Schedule Procedure

How to register Hajj 2022

What is Hajj:

Hajj is an Islamic Pilgrism performed in Mecca, the Holy city of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Hajj is necessary for every Muslim who has capability / physical fitness and adult to perform this Hajj at one time during his whole life.

Cost of Hajj 2022 Vs 2021

It is expected to increase the cost of Hajj 2022 from 490000/- to a 0.7million (Seven to Ten Lakh). According to Mufti Abdul Shakoor, Religious Affairs Minister announced applications from 1st May to 13th May through selected bank branches. He also addressed that cost of each application would be 50000/- rupees.  After balloting selected candidates can perform Hajj 2022 under Seven to Ten Lakh. In previous Government Hajj Cost, 2021 was around about 490000/- each. But now it has been decided by the new Government that Hajj Cost 2022 would be Seven to Ten Lakh each.

Hajj Applications 2022 Schedule & Procedure

Applications are invited for selected scheduled banks from 1st of May to 13th May 2022. The fee for each application is Rs 50000/-. You can deposit your Hajj 2022 application in selected banks. After completion of the Hajj Applications procedure, you will be selected or rejected in the balloting. If you are rejected for Hajj 2022 in this balloting, you will be awarded back your security Rs 50000 of your Hajj Application.

Hajj Applications 2022 Draw Result

After the complete procedure of Hajj Applications which are going to receive from 1st May to 13th May 2022. Hajj Applications draw result 2022 will be available soon on this page. Keep in touch with for Hajj Applications balloting 2022 result. Hajj Draw Result 2022 will be available very soon.

Govt and Private Hajj Quota 2022

As per a decision by the Ministry of Religious Affairs, there will be 60% has been allocated to the Government sector and a 40% quota for the Private sector. More than 81000 persons can perform hajj in 2022 this year.

Govt Hajj Package 2022 Price

This year Government of Pakistan Ministry of Religious Affairs has decided to increase in Govt Hajj Package 2022. This year Pakistanis can perform Hajj 2022 minimum of Seven to Ten Lakh each. Each person’s cost for Govt. Hajj Package is round about Ten Lakh. But the previous year Govt Hajj Package price 2021 was Rs 490000/-.

Hajj Package Price 2022

Hajj COVID 19 Instructions

Before going to Hajj 2022, you may complete your COVID – 19 dosage to keep you safe from COV19. This act is compulsory for each one who is going to perform Hajj 2022 in the Holy City of Mecca Saudi Arabia. In addition, those persons who are coming out from Saudia Arabia should submit PCR negative COVID-19 test report

How to Apply for Hajj 2022

If you want to apply for Hajj 2022, you must visit or click the below link for Hajj Application Registration 2022.

The above link is especially for Hajj Applications 2022 online. You can click on this link for registration for Hajj 2022. After completion of your Hajj Application 2022, you are eligible for Hajj balloting 2022. Please register yourself till 13th May 2022 for Hajj 2022 Government Package.

MORA Contact No.s (Ministry of Religious Affairs)

MINISTER’S OFFICE (FAX : 9205833, 9203905)
Abdul Shakoor Federal Minister 9214856 (ETC), 9203384 (Kohsar)
Tahir Latif PS To Federal Minister 9211981 (ETC)
Muhammad Kaleem Dar SO to Federal Minister 920338492057409215303 Fax # 9201358


How to register Hajj 2022

Hajj 2022 Instructions in Urdu

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