Current year could be the warmest year in history, report

Switzerland (Thursday, July 28, 2016): World Meteorological Organization in Geneva have expressed concern that the history of the current year could be the warmest year since temperature records have been broken in the first 6 months of this year.2015 was officially the warmest year. 2016 will likely be hotter

World Meteorological Organization Secretary General Peter Talas said that the decades-long effects of climate weather change are now due to El Nino intensity in 2015/2016, which churhy to new heights and powerful. According to the World Meteorological Organization report released in June 2016, the fourteenth of the world’s average temperature was higher notes record that the maximum temperature is 378 th month average month of the twentieth century.

In other words, it is even called the year so far are broken old record of global warming and record continuously, this one is constantly increasing amount of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere this year. alarming number of 400 parts per million 10 (400 PPM) has already crossed.

Presenting the report’s data shows that in 2016 the average temperature of the nineteenth century in the first 6 months (1.3 ° before the industrial revolution) provides average temperature grade than NASA. Not only the outside of the poles and in the heat of the observation time in the annual melting of the ice sheets.

In addition, at least 40% over the decade, the spread of avalanches in the frozen North Sea (Arctic C) 1970. The balance of the intensity of the implementation of urgently needed otherwise the Earth’s atmosphere on the report that was made to restore the environment that emphasis is given to projects and international agreements will deteriorate so badly that other animals embattled can erase as well as the risk of survival of the human race.


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