New Uniform Dress Code for teachers in Pakistan by FDE

Check dress code for teachers in pakistan online. dress code for female teachers in pakistan for summer and winter season.

Federal Directorate of Education Dress Code for teachers in Pakistan & Standards

The principals have been instructed to ensure that all teaching and non-teaching personnel (female and male) were hygienic with regular haircuts and beard trimming nail trimming and the use of perfume. The Federal Directorate of Education Dress Code for teachers in Pakistan & Standards is completely explained here. 

The letter also included an instruction for gatekeepers to be uniformed and recommended that all personnel supporting them wear uniforms in addition.

The letter also stated that research evidence has shown that clothing affects the perception of viewers including students. A first impression that is positive sets an extremely positive impression on students.

The Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) has released a revised dress code for employees of educational institutions. This means that teachers employed by federal government institutions won’t be allowed to wear t-shirts and jeans.

In a statement that was released on the 6th of September, The FDE clarified the requirements for women and men are not allowed to wear. The FDE stated that research has proved that clothing has an impact on the perception of people and it’s not simply what you’re wearing.

“At first the outlook creates an extremely positive perception of the future according to the appearance and conduct for the student,” the FDE said in its announcement prior to its guidelines for Dress Code for teachers in Pakistan.

The FDE has banned female educators from wearing tights or jeans and male teachers are not allowed to wear T-shirts or jeans.

Teachers are required to wear a gown for teaching class, as well as lab coats when they are in the laboratory.

For women,  a “simple and elegant salwar kameez/trousers with dupatta/shawl” is a style that has been praised.

Only formal footwear including mules, loafers, and pumps is permitted. Due to the prolonged periods of teaching, comfortable footwear such as sandals and sneakers are also acceptable.

As explained in Dress Code for teachers in Pakistan notification, the Teachers who wear headscarves for female students will be permitted to wear hijab or scarves The notice read.

Male teachers are not permitted to wear shawls (chadars) in winter However, they are permitted to wear coats, sweaters and jerseys. If male teachers come to work wearing a salwar kameez, he needs to wear a waistcoat along with it.

If he’s dressed in a formal shirt it must be worn with full sleeves, that are paired with trousers and a tie. In summer it is possible to wear a cut-off dress shirt or bush shirt may also be worn. For footwear, men should only wear formal footwear including loafers, formal shoes, Moccasins and boots. Sandals and sneakers are also acceptable but slippers are not allowed.

According to the Dress Code for teachers in Pakistan, All staff members that are not teaching have to remain presentable and dress in neat, clean, and ironed clothes as well as appropriate footwear.

A warning about “physical appearance” along with personal grooming was provided by the FDE and asked all the administrators of institutions to ensure that each employee adheres to “reasonably acceptable standards” regarding their look and hygiene. This includes regular haircuts and beard trimming shaving, nail cutting showers, and using deodorants or perfumes.

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