Fatima affandi Rejected to workd in bollywood

Lahore (Wednesday, May 27, 2015):  Pakistani actress and model Fatima Effendi refused to work in bollywood Films due to her and Pakistan’s honor. Fatima Effendi rejected a big movie offer from india.. 

Fatima Effendi hot Pic

TV actress Fatima Effendi leading Indian film director working in nineteen bazmy refused to accept the offer.

Bollywood director Anis bazmi leading role for his bold in a horror call us at Fatima Effendi and the story and told them about the role they rejected the offer, saying rather that they do not work Pakistan, which could be slandered and defamed family.

For those working in the film more than is necessary to protect the family’s honor. The Fatima Effendi when he was contacted she told me that the cuts offered to continue working in Hollywood films, but the film and television sectors to work in very different ways is.

My family by working in showbiz ever been no ban, but I know my limits himself. He says that he was a few days before the film Bollywood director Anis bazmi in which he received a phone call from my drama was very much appreciated in his film explores offered. I

n showbiz, but I definitely like the characters I’m very careful in the selection of costumes. So I refused to work. The main character in the film offerd, but she could not accept it. He also told in the movie I want to work in movies, but I do not my thing. However, my first choice would be to work in art films.


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