Groopic: Amazing Smartphone App from Pakistan

Groopic Amazing Smartphone App from Pakistan

Eyedeus Labs Launches Groopic: The App Which Puts the Missing Photographer back in the Photo.

Ever noticed that group photos are always missing the photographer? Groopic solves this impossible problem by seamlessly including the photographer friend in every group photo. With groopic, your pictures have every friend, every time. And no more asking for help from a stranger or setting up a tripod.

Samsung’s new phones claim to solve this problem through Dual Shot but that’s like pasting a sticker on a photo – a bit goofy. Instead, groopic gives a perfect group photo in just three simple steps.

“Simply take two pictures, mark the photographers and let groopic do the magic. It automatically combines these incomplete pictures into one complete group picture.”

Groopic uses patent pending technology developed at Eyedeus Labs. Eyedeus is a startup spinning off from Lahore Pakistan, and is focusing on development of computer vision tech for mobile devices. They also have some really interesting ‘natural user interface’ gaming demos for smart phones.


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