Hockey India League, introduced new rules to make sensational

New Delhi(September 15, 2015): The 2015 Hockey India League, introduced new rules to make sensational . Hockey India League to make a sensational new rules been choppy, penalty to discourage karnrz a field goal shall count 2, deliberately incorrectly rounded stop the ball in the net on a penalty stroke There will also be two goals to reach, the auction of players for next season is Thursday. 2015 Hockey India League

According to the Hockey India League, making the game more thrilling and profitable ways of spirits Game nyagul system has been introduced to prevent a field goal shall count 2, ie a field goal from any team Then it will be two goals.

The decision to karnrz incorrectly penalty is to discourage efforts. Under the new system will get two points on a field goal on a penalty corner, the goal will remain the same. Similarly, the goal on penalty strokes are the same. However, if someone deliberately during a penalty corner goal is to stop any fayul rival side, then not only will get a penalty stroke but the ball go into the net Round two will be.

Hockey India chairman Narendra btra fans say that this decision has been keeping interest, we want to make the game more interesting, penalty karnran unfair advantage for teams to lead the field There are experts in this field scoring teams during the most games are trying to get a penalty corner which is against the spirit of the game.

He explained that every franchise in the auction will be allowed to buy up to 24 players instead of 20, and 12 local and 8 are foreigners. The auction is scheduled for Thursday, September 17 players overall in the 135 Indian and 141 foreign players will infections are likely to bid.


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