How to Earn Money From Tiktok App in Pakistan

earn money Tiktok in Pakistan

Tiktok has become the most famous Application for android/iPhone users. This application is not only famous in Europe but also in Pakistan. People like and enjoy seeing short funny, Islamic, tech videos. Tiktok has changed the life of a common man into a celebrity in Pakistan. A common person who is not famous but Tiktok is a famous application due to his/her talent. Some boys and girls in school/colleges use this application properly and make Tiktok short videos to gain fame and likes. This application is commonly used for lipsync and comedy short videos minimum of 15 seconds. People enjoy Tiktok and some persons are watching this application regularly.

History of Tiktok

Tiktok application was launched by a Chinese person named ByteDance in Beijing, China in Sept-2016. This application’s 1st name was After that Tiktok application was famous globally and 1st the time this application was ranked the top application free in Thailand and other countries. Tiktok has been freely downloaded more than 130 million times in the USA.

Tiktok as

Tiktok was a famous application like which was started in Nov-2017. was a social media plate form to show talent and create lipsync and comedy videos. Youngers show their talent on this at that time. But after that owner changed its name to Tiktok.

How to Download the Tiktok Application

You can download the Tiktok app using the play store.  

The above link which is sharing can use for Tiktok downloading for android or iPhone mobile. Go to play store and type Tiktok, You can download it very easily on your handset.

How to Created Tiktok Account

It’s a very simple way to create your new Tiktok Account. Just download the Tiktok application from the google play store. Open it and log in by using Facebook or Google.

How to Earn Money From Tiktok

Today our topic is how to earn money from TikTok in Pakistan. Tiktok platform is providing you a chance to earn money in Pakistan. There are many ways to earn money by TikTok. But I am providing you with some short and useful methods to earn money in Pakistan by TikTok.

Earn Money From Tiktok By Sponsorship

If you have big fan followers on the TikTok application. People like and watch your TikTok videos regularly, You can earn money by using sponsorship. Some brands want to grow their business. They contact you to make their business the peak by using your TikTok application. You must advertise thier business by using your TikTok platform. This is called sponsorship. Famous brands pay you for branding to you. So, you can earn money by sponsorship.

Earn money from TikTok by your business

If you are famous on TikTok and you have millions of followers on this application. You can start your business on TikTok while you are selling shoes, groceries, clothes, electronics products, furniture, etc. This is so simple way to earn money from TikTok by your business. You can grow your business by using the TikTok platform.

Earn Money From Tiktok by Youtube Channel

If you have your Youtube channel, you can link your videos to your Tiktok account. People who are visiting you, and your fan followers can watch your Youtube channel from this Tiktok platform. Your Channel will grow fastly through the Tiktok application. You can also upload your youtube short video on TikTok, which can be accessed very easily by visitors on your youtube channel.

Tiktok Sign Up Reward as Coins

If you are creating your new Tiktok account through Facebook or your Google account, you will be awarded 20000 coins. As per Tiktok policy 1000 coins are equal to 1 Pakistani rupee.
Tiktok Referral Code
When you are logging in to your TikTok account. You may find the next step to put a referral code. If you enter this referral code you can get 30000 coins.

Tiktok Invie Friends Reward as Coins

If you are inviting your friends to join the TikTok platform, you can also get rewards from this application. You can get rewards by inviting your friends on TikTok for at least Rs 440/- (with terms and conditions)

Earn Money From Tiktok by Uploading Videos

If you have a large number of fan followers and you are making videos on TikTok. You can earn 12000 coins per day which can be Rs 12 each.
Earn Money From Tiktok by watching videos.
If you want to earn money from TikTok by watching videos, you must watch 5 minutes video and will be awarded 1100 coins. Then if you watch 15 minutes TikTok videos you will be awarded 3300 coins.
How to Get your Tiktok Earning in Pakistan
If you want to withdraw money from TikTok in Pakistan. If you have earned from TikTok at least Rs 20, you can draw your amount.
Open your Tiktok account

Then click on the bonus option.
Now you will see an arrow sign and click on the symbol.
you may click on the Top Up Red button.
You will see 2 options to draw your money.
1st you can get your amount on your mobile number. Second, you can get other mobile networks likewise, like Jazz, Telenor, WaridTel, Zong, and Ufone (etc)

After some process period of 2 or 3 days, you will be awarded your money to your subjective accounts.

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