Imran Khan Announced The Lawsuit Against Sharif’s Family Corruption

Lahore (9/19/2015): Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan says Nandi Pur Power Project and metro bus project has been corruption and that corruption cases against Sharif family would. The¬†Imran Khan Announced The Lawsuit Against Sharif’s Family Corruption will be held very soon.

Imran Khan Announced The Lawsuit Against Sharif's Family Corruption

While addressing workers in Lahore, Khan said DNA law took action on 122, 84 thousand votes in a general election in the constituency in a million 53 thousand votes were fake, that it did not prove fraud, the people dynahy deception, it should be investigated and the Returning Officer presiding 53 thousand errors Why is kyn. dandly successful speaker of the National Assembly operates. 4 circles if the elections were rigged, then be opened.

PTI chairman said that he had no official position in the party leader there, she NA-122 and NA-154 will campaign vigorously. NA 122 Aleem Khan is the failure of the rigging, rigging emphasis they shall defeat, the vote of the people that will try to find the right place.

Punjab police has made the butt glue, SSP CIA old network PML (N) has been campaigning for. Imran Khan said that so far there has been corruption in Sindh and Karachi, Pakistan relating to corruption in the hands dalagya, elections will be an opportunity for exposing corruption in the government, the electoral campaign will kubtayyn people being returned to Punjab is.

Scandalous purpaur Project aurmytrubs project Corruption has been around the world coming to power his own business can not, Sharif illegal sugar mill to be cleared, the provincial power under the business can not, Nandi Pur Project 22 billion to 88 billion How come, that corruption cases will prsryf family.


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