Irsa Ghazal Wedding Pictures With Her Husband Sajid Shah TV Actor

Famous Pakistani TV drama Star and model Irsa Ghazal has happening her marry life with famous Tv Drama Actor Sajid Shah. The couple’s wedding photos have not yet gone viral on social media. But the actress definite this on her Instagram account.

Irsa Ghazal Wedding Pictures With Her Husband Sajid Shah TV Actor

Irsa Ghazal tva actress

Here we are impressive you that Sajid Shah with Irsa Ghazal has married. Both are famous actors and they worked in various TV dramas serials.

Irsa Ghazal Tv Actress Biography

Irsa Ghazal is a famous Pakistani actress of Pakistan television industry. She was born on 4th October 1980 in Karachi. Her mother name is Ismat Tahira. She has a sister named Ushna Shah and Sharabeel Shah. Ushna Shah is also a famous TV actress. Irsh Ghazal started her career from 2008.

Irsa Ghazal married

Irsa Ghazal is about 38 years old and she is looking very beautiful on her wedding. Below you will find their viral Instagram beautiful wedding pictures. We are sharing you Irsa Ghazal and Sajid Shah Pictures here on

Ushna Shah Sister Got Married

Sajid shah son name

Ushna Shah Sister’s Got Married with Sajid Shah famous TV drama actor. as you know that Unsha Shah is also a famous model actress TV artist.

Ushna Shah also worked in famous TV dramas since 2013 to up till now. She got Pakistan best media emerging talent award in 2013. After wards she also got Hum negative award in 2017 when she performed in (Alif Allah Aur Insaan) Drama Serial. She also nominated Lux award in 2018 for best actress in drama serial Balaa

Sajid Shah TV actor has a son from his first wife. His nae is Syed Tabrez Ali Shah. He is also in their wedding party looking also well. Download Irsa Ghazal wedding Pictures Sajid Shah.Irsa Ghazal viral pictures

You will find here famous TV Star Irsa Ghazal with Sajid Shah bridge groom pictures.Isra Ghazal Marriage With Sajid Shah

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