Japanese Scientist Prepared Gleaming Noodles

Osaka (Tuesday, September 15, 2015): Japanese food to form strange scientist noodles and a Japanese scientist has developed a glow in the dark. World Japanese scientist invents the world`s 1st neon noodles

The Japanese sweet egg, maple leaves, fried in oil and heart shape oranges credit also worked to grow. Wake up not hungry, but seeing these noodles in Japan writing on food science fair for scientists curare Stop Osaka noodles were prepared.

Currently he posted on Twitter a few images are dark like neon pink noodles can be viewed. The green and blue pieces seem to eat dishes that are also known to block the pad.

He claimed that the noodles are rising, but at night and just did not post any pictures they painted the noodles that the neon lights flashing in utra voilet appear. They claim that their taste in food is greater than the noodles.

These noodles are not yet available in the market, but the Japanese are interested in seeing strange foods, said that very soon it would be made for noodles market.


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