Junaid Safdar Shatoosh Wool Shawl Price Wearing on Wedding

Shawl of Junaid Price in Dollars

Junaid Safdar son of PML (N) vice-chairperson Maryam Nawaz Sharif got married to Ayesha Saif who is the daughter of Ex-Chairman NAB a few months before in London.

Junaid Safdar Wedding ShawlThis wedding has become most famous in all over the world. In this wedding Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Ex Prime Minister also participated.

junaid safdar wedding shawl price

After that Maryam Nawaz also became very happy and under the news due to her dresses. The Junaid Safdar wedding shawl is updated on estimate by youtubers.

Maryam Safdar Son Shawl priceIn this article you will find about Shawl Price Junaid Safdar wear in Mehandi Event.

According to news this shawl belongs to Shatoosh wool and its price in Pakistan approximately Rs. 3000000 (3 Million Rupees).

Junaid Safdar Wedding Pictures

Junaid Safdar Shawl Price in Pakistan

Maryam Safdar Mehndi ShawlThis shawl was 70 years old and it was Shahtoosh Shawl. So, Shahtoosh Shawl wore by Junaid Safdar on his mehandi event.

This Shawl has a specialty to changed its color naturally due to old. It become Gold color Shawl after old.

The original Price of junaid safdar wedding shawl or Shatoosh Shawl is 17000$

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