Karachi Mughal style with oriental wedding fashion dresses show

Karachi three wedding dresses in colorful fashion show started, it was the tenth fashion show of wedding dresses, designer 8 days ago introduced his own collection, including Hassan Shahriar Khan, Rizwan Ahmed, Aisha Ibrahim, Shazia Kiani , Sana Abbas, Fawzia Hamad, drshuaraur include Junaid Jamshed.Karachi Mughal style with oriental wedding fashion dresses show

Hassan Shahriar’s collection fashion show was launched, their costumes traditional costumes factorwas the Mughal court, in their traditional wedding costumes of red, green, orange witnessed by the summer and silk syfun used clothing.

Fashion designer Rizwan Ahmed klyksn”jnt ‘mild-mannered, who fled to the eye colors and fabrics syfun was klysn Rizwan Ahmed said that it is a tribute to my mother, who is now in the world If not, the mother is given tsbhyh from heaven, heaven so I could not get on the ramp, but my mother loved to have tried to highlight through their costumes.

It Abraham’s collection ‘kaysth”pstu word of the language, which means’ beautiful’, their costumes were out of the tradition of different colors were used, in their silk costumes, netting , tissue, jamauar gya. Aaysh used clothes collection in the sense that it was my choice for brides who have been maintained beyond the traditional colors melon color, white, pistachio, magenta used hy.

sazyh Kayani’s collection named ‘zrbanu had the golden colors of their costumes in a traditional Indian wedding dresses in costumes tha.sna abasky witnessed element, fantastic costumes, fairy costumes Fawzia Hamad was noticeable. Fairyland scene on the ramp at the show tied gya.

Fashion designer Nadia Hussain, purportedly Pasha, Mani, Hira, Sana, Suomi, Ijaz Aslam and others walk on the ramp, the Hail Ahsan Khan and dance performances of the border.

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