Latest Jewellery Designs on Eid ul Azha by Shujewels

Shujewels Elegant Eid Jewellery Design 2013

Shujewels is very well known in women Jewellery products. Shujewels has just launched the Latest Elegent and Attractive Jewellery Design Collection on Eid ul Azha 2013 for Ladies. Mostly women uses Jewellery on Marriages, Parties and other special Oceans. Shujewels is the very big-name in fashion jewellery icon that is possessed by Shumaila Omer who is a Lahore (Pakistan) based fashion designer

Shujewels presents very unique combo of eastern and western blends in jewellery fashion. All jewellery item is a product of motivating designs and unblemished thinking. The jewellery items presented by Shujewels include rings, earrings, ear studs, bracelets, malas, tikkas, bangles, sets, pendants, andjhummers. These products are made with great care from manufacturing to the designing. The jewellery is presented in sterling with gold or rhodium plating along with the combination of precious and semiprecious gemstones that are mostly mined from Pakistan.

Shumaila Omer has been serving in Pakistan’s jewellery industry for the last seven years and has worked with one of the leading Jewellery Companies in Pakistan and internationally in Singapore and Dubai. Shumaila Omer’s elegant designs are exquisite blends of east and west. Her unique designer jewellery pieces radiate her love for the art of jewellery.

Each piece is a product of inspirational design and flawless craftsmanship. From design to manufacturing, everything is carefully put under the process. All the jewellery designs are best for wedding and party wear. Now see some photos of Shujewels Elegant Eid Jewellery Design 2013 for women…



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