Learn how smoking can affect on your face

by Tahir Abdur Razzaq

This informative article ” Learn how smoking can affect on your face” is to make you familiar with the time to time affect on you face beauty. The child already take it as a fashion and glamour in individuals beginning to turn to smoking that changed later addiction and that addiction effects, which also leads to lung cancer and heart disease appear on the face. 

You may if you know you smoke next to your health might be like in a few years, smoking is extremely harmful to human health, Shun beauty of the face in addition to many diseases and skin color can also deepen.

Smoking Medical students of the university to keep the young volunteer who has made an application to the devastating effects of smoking endeavor by showing off her.

This application is called the smoker fees (Smokerface). Application of the students say that teenagers application before the draw smoke should be surely a time for hope that they will get away from seeing the face of their future smoking. Application fees smoker can get absolutely free and available for both iOS platforms.

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