LESCO Duplicate Bill Download Online

how to download lesco duplicate bill

LESCO Duplicate Bill Download Online

I was very worried about LESCO bill. Every month bill distributor send my LESCO bill beneath my house gate. He also called us please take this bill. Learn all about LESCO Duplicate Bill Download Online in Punjuab and other provinces of Pakistan.

My mom also worried about this bill. She asked me that please say bill distributor not send this bill beneath gate.

Actually she clean flour with water and due to wet flour electricity bill wetting due to flour. I was also shocked and did not find my bill in proper form.

I take it and often dry on sunshine or on Gas fire. But after dry it, this bill compressed and not able to paid it in Bank or Post Office.

Some time bill distributor come to distribute bills in my street on last date of bill. We often forget to pay our electricity bill.

After some days we know that due date of bill has been passed and now pay it with fine which is not a good habit.

Why LESCO Duplicate Bill Need?

Due to these reasons I decided to get duplicate bill form www.websolution.pk/Online Bills.

So, its very easy to download lesco duplicate bill and paid it in time. This is very simple way to get your residence and commercial duplicate LESCO bill online.

After print out you can properly pay as your original bill. LESCO Duplicate Bill has two way to get it.

I am giving you both steps to download LESCO Duplicate Online bills.


By Reference No:

This is 1st step to download your LESCO D bill. In this way you have to provide your meter reference no below in link. In this method i am giving you an example for what is Reference no. (13118121905475R or U) R for rural and U for Urban. In box you enter your bill reference number and view/download your duplicate lesco bill online.

Click Here To Download Duplicate Bill 


By Customer ID:

In step 2 you can download your duplicate bill by using customer ID. Everybody have a unique customer ID of his meter. So, keeping in view that you can also take your duplicate bill by inserting your meter customer id in below box.

Click Here To Download Duplicate Bill 

How can I download Lesco bill?

As you know that lesco.gov.pk is an Government official website. From this site everybody has to download LESCO bill online on his desktop or mobile phone.

So, I am giving you very easy way to access this link and take your monthly electricity bill online using these steps.

How can I check my Lesco bill by ID card number?

If people ask this question that how can they get lesco bill by ID card number.

So, as you know that each person has an identity number which are Reference number of your meter or customer ID.

These are two ways that can take you to link for duplicate bill online.

How can I check my Wapda bill?

WAPDA means Water and Power Development Authority provides us electricity in all over Pakistan.

There are several distribution companies working and providing us electricity. So, you can get WAPDA bill online easily. I am giving you a link for lesco duplicate bill online.

Methods to pay Electricity Bills

This is digital Pakistan and there is no need to keep in lanes for your LESCO bills in banks and post offices.

Before past some years electricity bills were very difficult to pay in banks. On last dates banks refuse to pay your bills. So now due to digital Pakistan you can easily pay your bill by different ways even on your mobile.

I am giving you a various methods.

Jazz Cash:

Now it is very easy to pay your lesco bill by using Jazz Cash application or Jazz Cash Shop. If you have a jazz cash account on your mobile, you can pay your bill in just 1 minute.jazz cash aap bill payment

Just you have a reference number of your bill and due date bill amount and after date bill amount.

Step 1:

Dial *786# from Jazz number, then choose 2.

After that choose LESCO and enter your reference number. After completing this task and verifying it give your MPIN number. You bill will paid in just a minute.

Step 2:

Similarly If you have “Jazz Cash App” you can easily pay your LESCO bill. Go through your android mobile and open Jazz Cash App.

Choose bills payment and then LESCO bill choose. After giving your reference number you need to verify your amount of bill.

After it provide MPIN number or finger which you have keep for security issues. Your bill will be paid in just a minute.

Step 3:

Go to Jazz Cash Shop and pay your LESCO bill. Jazz Cash shop owner will pay your bill from his master SIM using regularly for these way.

Easy Paisa:

Easy Paisa is a product of Telenor Pakistan. This is also a same way to pay your LESCO bill as such as Jazz Cash. You can also pay your bill by using Easy Paisa account. Open Easy Paisa App. Choose Bill Payment category. After selection your bill category, get lesco bill payment way to pay your bill. Provide Reference number and pay your bill.

Eaisy Paisa utility bills payment

U Paisa:

U Paisa application is a product of UFone Pakistan. This is also a digital way to pay your utility bills online with just a click. In Upaisa application provide reference number in bills payment category and pay your bill online easily. upaisa bills payment

Post Offices Facilitation.

Post offices in all over Pakistan providing very cheap facility of receiving and dispatching your parcels. Post Offices also provide bills payment option without any extra charges.Pakistan Post bill payment method

As you know that post offices facilities has reached even in a small village.

So, you can pay your lesco bill in Post office. But their official time start from approximately 09:00 am to 03:00 pm.

Some Post offices which are facilitate people in night shifts can also take bills even in night times.

Banks to Facilitate:

Approximately all bank branches in Pakistan collect bills. Some how branches did not allow to pay your bills.

So bill payment in banks is a old method. But due to allow mostly branches to collect bills from customers, burden of work has decreased.

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