LND SLOs Test Preparation for the month of October 2021

SLO Math Eng Urdu

Dear Teachers, I am giving you LND SLOs test preparation class 3 for the MEA visit for the month of October 2021. Hopefully, you will get this English Math and Urdu test and give a preparation to students of Class 3

LND SLOs test preparation class 3

English (Basic)

* Use of is/am/are, pronouns, prepositions, and punctuations

* Interact with text and use reading strategies (while reading) to locate specific factual information to answer in a word or two.

* Identify simple words (one/two/three-syllable) with correct spellings.

* Identify and articulate correct action words according to the pictures.

* Identify describing words as adjectives. Use adjectives of quality, size, and color.

* Articulate and identify words containing trigraphs in initial, middle, and final positions.

Math (Basic)

* Recognize and name unit fractions up to 1/12

* Read and write the time from a clock in hours and minutes (with five-minute intervals) e.g; read 8:15 ad eight-fifteen and 8:50 as eight fifty.

* Add or subtract up to 3-digit numbers with carrying/ borrowing of tens and hundreds.

* Multiply or divide numbers within a multiplication table.

*Differentiate between even and odd numbers.

* Add numbers up to four digits( with and without carrying) vertically and horizontally.

Urdu (Basic)

* سادہ جملے اور ان پر مبنی عبارت سمجھ کر پڑھ سکے۔

*الفاظ کو جوڑ توڑ کے ساتھ لکھ سکے۔

* سہ حرفی، چار حرفی اور پانچ حرفی ارکان الفاظ کی نشاندہی کر سکیں گے۔

* فعل، فاعل اور مفعول کی درست ترتیب کی شناخت کر سکیں گے۔

* معنی کے لحاظ سے متضاد الفاظ کو سمجھ سکیں ۔

* جملے کی ساخت میں زمانہ کی تبدیلی “ہے”، “تھا”، ” ہو گا” سے کر سکے

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