LPG Price per kg in Pakistan Today

Find lpg gas price per kg in pakistan. 10 12 16 kg Gas cylinder price in Pakistan

LPG gas prices include GST 17 Last updated by the OGRA. Propane and butane are the two essential components of LPG and are the two main components that Middle Eastern oil producers sell to Asian countries.

In addition, Aramco has cut the prices for propane and butane to a second consecutive month the government also reduced the LPG cost. Check LPG Price per kg in Pakistan 2022 in the below table.

These LPG prices per kg in Pakistan today and rates are valid in all cities in Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, and KPK provinces also.

LPG Rate Price in Pak Rupee
LPG per KG Rs. 218
Domestic Cylinder 12KG Rs. 2616
Commercial Cylinder Rs. 9898

Gas with Low-Pressure LPG gas prices is raised by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) Pakistan. The most current LPG gas prices per kilogram and cylinder rates in August 2022 have been revised. LPG is widely used in Pakistan as a fuel for domestic use. Auto-rickshaw drivers can also make use of LPG gas. Locally, the LPG price was reduced by approximately 14.3 dollars in the amount of Rs2,2616/cylinder in 2022.

LPG News in Pakistan August 2022:

The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has issued a notice to lower the cost for LPG for domestic use starting on August 01, 2022.

OGRA changed the cost for LPG for January. A notice has also been issued regarding this, in which the cost of LPG has been raised by 10 rupees. 10 per kg.

According to the announcement that was issued, the price for one kilogram of LPG has been set at Rs. 218 and in January the domestic LPG cost of a cylinder was Rs 2616. This is the new LPG prices are effective for the 1st of each month in the year 2022.

In winter, when there is load loss of SNGPL there is an alternative local, that is LPG. People living in Pakistan receive the cylinders filled from local gas outlets in the local market. It is used to cook as well as other domestic uses. In comparison to Sui gas, it is more expensive and has low pressure.

LPG can also be used for vehicle fuel. Prices for LPG are evaluated and updated on a demand by OGRA (Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority, Pakistan). The OGRA creates a summary of the new prices in line with global price fluctuations. A summary is endorsed by the Pakistani government. The shortage can also be observed during winter.

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