Men disabled due to Young doctors’ negligence in Rawalpindi Hospital

Rawalpindi (Tuesday, September 15, 2015): A young Men disabled due to Young doctors’ negligence in Rawalpindi Hospital for whole life. Rawalpindi, Benazir Bhutto Hospital doctors sole breadwinner for his family’s alleged negligence had been crippled for life. Men disabled due to Young doctors' negligence in Rawalpindi Hospital


Rawalpindi area kalar sayedan resident 27-year-old Nasir Mehmood said that welding work and himself and his family guzar basar, in April this year while working his arm was burned with the treatment Benazir Hospital, where doctors 15 days after the operation and the minister, if I said that doctors have spoiled his case be re-operation.

Nasir Mahmood again when the operation began intense pain in her arm, so the next day when it was discovered that X-rays of the arm blade during operation have forgotten which has cut its internal part, doctors The operation was to remove the blade, but it was worse than being right-wing.

Doctors say that the arm is cut. Nasir said the arm had been cut, not just hand to support his family will also lose.

Hospital administration has lost the case file, but also the relevant doctors have signed receipts, Express contact the doctors of the hospital concerned, but they refused to talk to anyone. Nasir Mehmood, Punjab Chief Minister and Health has requested that he take notice and take action against the responsible doctors.


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