Nadra’s e-Sahulat Website Hacked

Nadra's e-Sahulat Website Hacked

Nadra e-Sahulat’s Official website got hacked and defaced by infamous Bank hackers Xploiters Crew today. E-Sahulat is a Service platform was designed to provide secure and online payment for the general public as well as organizations. E-Sahulat is a project of NADRA (The National Database and Registration Authority).

The hackers did not deface the main page of the website. Instead, hackers added a static html page named “x.html” at the end of the website URL.

This is not the first time, big site is defaced by Xploiters Crew, before they hacked Soneri BankHabib Bank LimitedAllied Bank LimitedMuslim Commercial BankTameer Bank.

Anatomy of attack is unknown. Its unclear, what level of access the hacker got? Does hacker got access to the user databases? The website is built using PHP scripting language, It seems that hacker found a zero day in the script of the website and defaced the website.


Hacked Website:



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