New twist in singer Ali Zafar and Meesha Shafi Case

by Muhammad Sajjad

LAHORE: (Sunday, June 24, 2018):- Former famous Pakistan singer Ali Zafar filed a claim of 100 million rupees against Misha Shafi. The judicial battle between famous Pakistani singer and actor Ali Zafar and singer Maasha Shafi was intensified, Ali Zafar refused to respond to the previous legal notice sent by singer Ali Zafar to sue 100 crore against Misha Shafi in the session. Actor & Singer Ali Zafar files defamation suit against singer Meesha Shafi for 'false' allegations

Claimed Ali Zafar Advocate Khawaja Tariq Rahim, in a hurry filed a claim in Session Court Lahore, which was stressed that Misha Shafi made false and unauthorized allegations against Ali Zafar. According to the applicant, Misha Shafiq accused Ali Zafar to get just the cheapest reputation.

In the notice, I have also been raising the point that Misha Shafi did not ask for forgiveness despite the legal notice, so the court should order Mishra Shafi to pay Rs. 1 billion. Obviously, Ali Zafar had sent Mishra Shafi to legal notice of 100 crores, on which Masha Shafi said that singers should return their legal notice or they would take legal action, but neither did they take any action or not Ali Zafar’s notice was answered when he was still under his charge.

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