OGRA Petroleum Price from 1st March 2016

Islamabad (Tuesday, March 01, 2016): Find latest OGRA Petroleum Price from 1st March 2016 online in Pakistan. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif announced reduction in petrol prices that were half price Rs 8 per liter. Oil price 2016 March by OGra

Now the Petrol price cut by Rs 8 per liter of 48 money. Prime Minister petroleum product prices at which half has announced eight new price of petrol, which has been reduced to 8 per 48-Rs 62 per liter in the price of petrol under 77 according to media News Currently two liters.

Petroleum Oil Price Deisel Petrol Prices March April 2016

The kerosene oil Rs 66 paisa, diesel by Rs 4 48 money, high speed diesel by Rs 4 and Rs 2 per 67 has money and cheaper money 98 High Octane. Now OGRA recommends Rs8.48 cut in POL prices from March 2016 in Pakistan. The reduction was recommended by the prices of petroleum products. Find Petroleum Oil Price Deisel Petrol Prices March April 2016 in Pakistan. 

New Petrol Price: 77 rupee 62 Paisa per litre

Kerosene oil Price: 38.92 per litre

High Speed Diesel Price: 65.12 per litre

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