Pakistan Beat India Won The Asian Snooker Championship

Kuala Lumpur (Thursday, April 30, 2015): Today Pakistan beat India won the Asian snooker championship. Hamza Akbar of Pakistan defeated India’s Pankaj Advani won the Asian snooker championship.Pakistan Beat India Won The Asian Snooker Championship

Malaysia was played in the Asian Snooker Championship final in Pakistan Hamza Akbar counter India’s Pankaj Advani had two players from the 13 frame that contains the full game performed and the 12th frame to the two Local was equal to 6.6 frames.

In the beginning of the 13th frame, Pankaj had the upper hand at the game again demonstrating their attitude Hamza won in the frame, but also the Asian Snooker Championship took its name.

The Faisalabad Hamza Akbar from Asian Snooker Championship for the first time when I had attended earlier that Pakistan’s Mohammad Yousuf won the title in 1998.


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