Peshawar Hayat abad Bomb Blast Live Updates

PESHAWAR: Peshawar region in phase five terrorists entered the mosque during Friday prayers and blew himself up, killing 19 people and causing more than 40 were injured. Imamia mosque in Peshawar Peshawar suicide bombers attacked the mosque being the Friday prayers, gunmen entered the rear door of the mosque and a suicide bomber blew himself up at the entrance to the mosque and 2 terrorist grenade attack on worshipers entered the second attacker blew himself up in the courtyard.

19 killed, over 45 injured in explosions, firing inside Shia mosque in Peshawar

The men grabbed the attacker, who was killed in firing by security guards.

Nefarious terrorists killed in action and 40 wounded more than 19 people who moved Hayatabad Medical Complex Hospital. Two impacts hit an Imambargah close Passport Office in Peshawar’s Hayatabad zone on Friday leaving no less than two persons dead and 15 others harmed.

As per reports two sequential impacts at an Imambargah in Hayatabad territory of Peshawar left no less than two persons dead and 15 others harmed. The sound of terminating was additionally heard after the blasts. Salvage group surged the spot and begin moving the harmed to adjacent healing facility The witness present at the spot said that the aggressors are in security authorities uniform.

SSP operations was 3 to 4 according to the number of attackers entered the rear door of the mosque and a terrorist blew himself up at the entrance to the courtyard of the mosque recovered a suicide jacket has been defused. He said the attackers fired at the mosque after the explosion, but was killed in a shootout with security forces terrorists and potential terrorists hiding the 2 is being sought.

Immediately after the blast, police and other law enforcement agencies cordoned off the area while the Army Elite Force and Anti-Terrorism Force personnel arrived on the scene took positions.

The explosion at the mine rescue teams rushed to the spot and shifted the injured to the hospital where Hayatabad Medical Complex Hospital sources said the explosion affected 19 people died succumbed to his injuries while 8 to 10 people in critical condition the aid is being given.

Hayatabad Medical Complex Hospital emergency management and staff summoned the administration has appealed to the people to give blood for the victims blood counter approach. The Chairman PTI Imran Khan

in Peshawar, Pakistan Pervez Khattak tip, go ahead at the scene of the explosion the security forces stopped them from going ahead, after which they were returned.

According to witnesses, the police finishes during Friday prayers uniformed terrorists threw grenades before 2 after a terrorist blew himself up at the time of the explosion, about 150 people were present in the mosque.

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