Draw #13 Rs. 40000 Premium Prize bond list 10 June 2020 Karachi

Search Rs.40000 Premium Prize bond result draw 10 June 2020  held at Karachi by National savings of Pakistan. Check all Premium Prize bond 40000 draw No. 13 results 10/06/2020 online in the city of Karachi Sindh. The first second and third prize winner of the Forty Thousand (Rs.40000 Premium) Prize bond June 2020 and all previous draws can be seen below.

Rs. 40000 Premium Prize bond list June 2020 Winning Amounts:

  • 1st Prize (1 prize): Rs. 80,000,000/-
  • 2nd Prize (03 Prizes): Rs.30,000,000/-
  • 3rd Prize (660 Prizes): Rs.500,000/-

All Rs. 40000 Premium Prize bond Draw List check online:

2020 Draws:

15Rs.40000 Premium10-12-2020Hyderabad———— —— ——OnlineDownload
14Rs.40000 Premium10-09-2020Rawalpindi———— —— ——OnlineDownload
13Rs.40000 Premium10-06-2020Karachi209637215619 219826 919435OnlineDownload
12Rs.40000 Premium10-03-2020Multan518928819896 944989 284533OnlineDownload

2019 Draws:

11Rs.40000 Premium10-12-2019Quetta315554222386 508980 845315OnlineDownload
10Rs.40000 Premium11-09-2019Muzaffarabad630918187576 792533 982127OnlineDownload
09Rs.40000 Premium10-06-2019Peshawar262154376674 514119 121907OnlineDownload
08Rs.40000 Premium11-03-2019Rawalpindi953497891043 307083 218713OnlineDownload


2018 Draws:

07Rs.40000 Premium10-12-2018Muzaffarabad550275153744 695422 913633OnlineDownload
06Rs.40000 Premium10-09-2018Quetta888764018472 739879 779423OnlineDownload
05Rs.40000 Premium11-06-2018Rawalpindi467508086866 087033 427609OnlineDownload
04Rs.40000 Premium12-03-2018Hyderabad434303023961 519469 931526OnlineDownload


2017 Draws:

0340000 Premium11-12-2017Karachi051122543960 579951 604974OnlineDownload
0240000 Premium11-09-2017Lahore096218276032 794074 847494OnlineDownload
0140000 Premium12-06-2017Peshawar570672138786 343560 745872OnlineDownload

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Premium Prize Bond Rs. 40000 List 2020 Draw Result Online:

Check online Prize Bond Rs.40000 Premium draw result and schedule 2020 by Websolution.pk. The National Savings Premium 40000 Prize bond is the highest worth savings certificates having a lot of big prizes for the winners. This bond is issued on the buyer’s name, and the bond also gets the profit against in saving tenure.Premium Prize Bonds (Registered) Scheme

Premium prize bonds

are available in Rs 40,000/- Denomination. These bonds are going to be registered regarding the real name of the investor. The profit and the quantity regarding the prize on the premium prize relationship shall be immediately transferred to your bank account. The attention rate is 3.93% per annum (on the value for the bond/denomination).

The prize is the first 8 crores, the second prize is 3 crore and the next prize is 5 lac each. The draw shall take place every 3 months and the revenue will undoubtedly be moved every half a year (1.965% of the worth of the bond/denomination). So no Application Forms required for claiming award cash or profit on this bond that is premium. You can check the 40000 premium prize bond schedule for the upcoming draws in future months.

You can search prize bond Premium 40000 Draw all results and list online by the National savings of Pakistan. This bond has first prize amount of 8 Crore Pakistani rupee, that is such a big amount for a Pakistani individual. The second prize amount is 03 Crore for three lucky winners of each draw. The third prize amount is 5 Lac rupee that is given to 660 Lucky persons. To find the Rs. 40,000/- Premium Prize Bond Draw schedule, list and live Draw Result on this page for all draws.

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