Sarah Lorraine central role in Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar’s written film,

Lahore(October 5, 2015): Renowned actress Sarah Lorraine’s technical capabilities to utilize his unique role in the film had begun preparations. Qamar Rahman write stories based on facts in this regard have started regular work on a story.¬†Sarah Lorraine bollywood actress

Loren will play the central role sare other cast the cosine of the TV industry will be well-known artists. The shooting of the film marked the beginning of the end of the year for which Loren Sara Pakistan to India will come.

In this series, he’s been contacted Sarah Lorraine¬†, confirmed this, saying that I had always wanted to play a role through which I fully express their artistic abilities I looked. Bollywood is still much work praised the unique role, but now more are offered.

Shooting a film in the United States soon will serve to continue working on the other projects. In this regard, Pakistan’s leading Rehman Qamar are writing a film in which I agreed to the peace process is agreed. Story aur car aur lukysnz bound with special attention being given to film music.

Qamar Rahman Qamar currently busy writing the script, but then in December will start shooting. He said that to my producers in India in the first known everywhere, so my shooting schedule has been set up and a month to be completed during the shooting of the film in the United States. This is an important film for non-seekers will be surprise.


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