Saudi Arabia Has Announced Hajj Policy 2021 Breaking News

Hajj 2021 applications

Saudi Government has announced Hajj Policy 2021. As per this policy, only 60000 persons can perform Hajj 2021 this year.

This policy is only for residents and citizens of the Kindom of Saudi Arabia. This limit for performing hajj 2021 is due to COVID-19.

Hajj News 2021 Pakistan

Foreigners are not allowed to perform Hajj 2021 this year due to Covid-19. Hajj 2021 registrations will be opened soon for only citizens and residence of Saudi Arabia.

Hajj 2021 Updates

This year’s strict policy for people who are performing Hajj 2021. Persons who are between 18 to 65 of age can perform pilgrimage after corona vaccination.

Hajj Policy 2021 Saudi Arabia

It was expected by Saudi Government to allow to perform Hajj 2021 from outside of Countries.

When we look back to last year in 2020 only 1000 persons were allowed to perform Hajj 2021

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