Shab-E-Barat SMS 2020

by Tahir Abdur Razzaq

You know that When is Shab e Barat in 2020. Today we are sharing best Shab-E-Barat SMS 2020 Yes it is on the 27th of ramazn 2020, Shab-e-Barat SMS, Quotes, wishes for Muslims. On the holy day or event of Shab-e-Barat all Muslims gather at mosques to observe the Shab-e-Barat or the night of forgiveness in for their sine. It is also cad Mid-Shaban because this is month of Shaban in Islamic dates. Shab e-Barat in Pakistan is celebrated with prayers and happiness in real religious modes.

Happy Shab e Barat SMS 2020 Greetings Quotes

new Shab e Barat sms

Send Latest Shaab-E-Barat Latest Islamic SMS 2020 in English Urdu and Hindi. Shab e barat Shaban Text messages quotes greetings send free sms in Pakistan India.  

Shub-E-Barat Will Be Tomorrow
Maybe My Name Is Written In
The List Of Those People Who Shall
Die This Year and May B I Shall Never
Meet U Again. So I Humbly Request U All
To Please 4rgive Me and  My Mistakes
Which I Made!! I Am Very Very Very Sorry
for  All of My Mistakes


Jo Aaj Ki Raat Teen Martaba
Surah Yaseen Parhe Gaa
Allah Uxki
Umar Mein Barkaat
Rizk Me Izafa Aor Farakhi
Aur Naghani Afaat Say
Mehfooz Rakhay Gah
Shab-E-Barat Mubarek to U & Ur All Family.


 15th Shaban SMS

They prayed for getting rid of the menace of terrorism besides showing right path to disgruntled people, playing in the hands of anti-state elements.


 Happy Shab E Baraat Free SMS

Besides, people visited graves of their near and dear ones, seeking God’s blessings for the departed souls. Special security arrangements were made for peaceful observance of the Shab-e-Barat.

Today Is Shab E Barat

The Night Of Blessing

When The Deeds Of The Whole Human Year

Is Presented Above

When The Decisions Of

” Life ” And ” Death “

Are Made For The Next Year

The Night Of ” Ibadat “


 Latest Happy Shab E Baraat


I Request To Remember Me In Your Special Prayers

/’\          ( *           /||||  _.-‘-._  _.-‘-._ ||||


I Apology For My Mistakes If I Have Ever Hurt You,

Misbehaved Or Heartened Your Feelings

I Apology For My Mistakes | SHAB-E-BARAT SMS


 Best Happy Shab e Barat Wallpapers 2020

Before My Books Are Sealed Tonight

I Would Like To Ask You To Please Forgive Me For Anything

I May Have Done To Hurt You

Intentionally Or By Mistake

Shab-E-Barat Mubarak

Keep Praying For Me


 New Islamic Shab-e-barat Greetings

Assalam-O-Alaikum To Friends & Family Members

Shab-e-Barat Is To Be Arrived Soon

Our Future Of Life Or Death Will Be Written That Night


I Openly Apologize To All Of You

If Ever I Have Hearted You Directly Or Indirectly

Please Forgive Me

Remember Me In Your Pray

God Bless You All


 Shab e Barat Shaban Mubarak Text Messages

Tonight Is 15th Shaban

The Night Of Blessings, Judgement For Life

Death And Rizq

Please Forgive My Mistakes And Remember Me In Your Prayers

Thanks In Advance


Shab e barat prayers urdu sms

Agar ALLAH Tumhari Duain Poori Ker Raha
Hai Toh Woh Tmharaa “Yaqeen” Barhaa Raha Hai
Agar Duain Poori Krnay Main Der Kar
Rahsa Haai Toh Tmhara “Sabar” Barhaa Rahaa Hai
Shab-E-Barat Mubarek to U & Ur All Family.


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