Some Great Secret Features of iOS 7

If you have iPhone or iPad with iOS 7, you are probably companion with the collection of new features of iOS 7. Some of the best additions in this software update are hiding beneath the surface and take a little time to uncover.

Now we are going deep into the Apple’s new iPhone / iPod Operating System, discovering some surprises along the way. From night mode in Apple Maps to a faster way to close apps, here is a few amazing and useful features that you can find, as long as you know where to look.

Clock App:

Some Interesting Secret Features of iOS 7

Let’s Check out at your clock app icon. Take a closer look. It’s an actual clock with a working second hand. A nice little touch from Apple

Text Timestamps:

If you slide text messages to the left, you can see the timestamp for all of them not just the most recent.

The Level:

The Level

By opening up the Compass app and swiping your finger across it, a new digital “level” feature is revealed. You’ll never have a crooked painting on the wall again.


Night Mode for Maps:

If you’re driving late at night, the glow of your iPhone screen can be nearly blinding as you try to use the Apple Maps app. Now, the platform displays a darker interface at certain times. This is less distracting and easier on the eyes when navigating at night.

Closing Multiple Apps:

You can close multiple apps at once! Here’s how: double click the home button to reveal open webpages and platforms.You can then swipe up to three apps at once by using three fingers and dragging them upwards.

Siri Controls Settings:

Siri Controls Settings iOS 7 App

You can use Siri to set alarms and reminders on previous iOS versions, but now you can lean on her to navigate settings too. For example, by saying “Open Settings,” Siri will open the Settings folder. By asking Siri to “Turn Off Wi-Fi,” she’ll gladly oblige without you having to lift a finger. You can also tell her to make calls and play voicemail messages too.


Block Calls:

If you’re getting harassing calls, you can now put a stop to it. Visit Settings > Phone > Blocked to add numbers you want to restrict.

Apps Near Me:

Near me App by iOS7

The Apple App Store has a new “Near Me” feature, which shows apps that are popular near your current location. So if you live in New York City, it will highlight handy apps such as NYC Subway KICKMap and Way2ride taxi, which lets you pay for cab rides via the app.


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