Syed Basit Ali Artist Quarrel in Tv Show with Women Viral Video

Syed Basit Ali Artist Quarrel in Tv Show with Women:

Syed Basit Ali is a youtuber, anchor, mimicry artist of Pakistan. He is very famous on social media. He is running a youtube channel named “Syed Basit Ali”. On this channel he always put up social issues. His most viral video on this channel is with (Syed Iqrar Ul Hassan) when he is mimicking to many famous political persons of Pakistan.

A little days ago he was invited in a NeoTv show. When girls and boys along with host were enjoying dance on some songs, they also asked him to enjoy dance with us. But he refused this offer and also quarreling with women and men. He said you are not doing good things on this stage. Pakistan is an Islamic country and in this Islamic society you cannot do like this. He also said that this is not a good habit of girls to do this act on this stage with boys.

All persons who were on stage got angry on his this behavior. They were not expecting from Mr. Syed Basit Ali of his rude action against them. This video of NeoTv has become most viral on social media. So, here is Syed Basit Ali viral video. You can watch this video below.  You can also download this video using below link.

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