The dollar worth 7 Paisa in the Interbank market

KARACHI (Saturday, November 3, 2018): In the Interbank market, the value of dollar increased by more than 7 paise.  In the Interbank market Friday, more than 7 paisa added to the value of rupees, which resulted in the increase of the dollar’s interbank rate to Rs 132 rupees, but unlike rupees in the open currency market The fall of money decreased, which resulted in a decrease in the value of $ 131 to Rs. 50.

Clearly during October 2018, the rupee continued to fall sharply by 8.16% in the value of dollar due to the dollar dollar in the interbank market, and in October 2018, an increase of $ 8 in Interbank increased by Rs 16.

Recorded During October 2018, the total market value increased by Rs. 5 paise in the open market as a result of the decrease in the value of rupees in the open market by 4% in the month of October. In October 2018, euro currency interbank rate increased by 4 percent compared to rupees. In October, the value of Euro printi to Interbank Rate increased by Rs 6 to Rs 7.


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