The number increased t 44 of Hajj pilgrims in Mina

Saudi Arabia (30 September, 2015):Riyadh tragedy Pakistani pilgrims in Mina killed more than 42 of the 53 were 44 pilgrims are still missing.  At least 717 killed, 863 injured in Haj stampede at Mina

53 Pakistani pilgrims are still missing 29 of the 39 injured pilgrims were discharged after During the Hajj pilgrims killed in stampede in Mina, 1,100 of which were the 53 pilgrims, including 45 Pakistani pilgrims are still missing, the search intensified efforts to turn the embassy .

39 Pakistani pilgrims in Mecca under treatment in various hospitals, 29 were discharged after treatment while 10 pilgrims were given medical assistance.

The chief minister Joseph being treated in hospitals in Mecca and the Hajj Directorate met with Pakistani pilgrims were directed to take special care of the pilgrims and their families, while also constantly aware of the status of injured be kept.

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