Urdu is now official language of All Govt departments

Islamabad (Tuesday, September 08, 2015): Urdu will be official language of all Government departments and offices.  Supreme Court under Article 251 to establish Urdu as the official language of the orders. Urdu is now official language of All Govt departments

Chief Justice of Pakistan, Justice Khawaja 3-member bench of the Supreme Court and the official language of Urdu as the official decision to practice hearing.

The Supreme Court in its decision Urdu language to be practiced on 9 guidelines, saying that the Constitution apply to all of us assume, the constitution is written in 15 years in the English space Urdu government and official language as will be introduced, under Article 251 of Urdu as official language as quickly be implemented. On the federal level, the national language be used in comparison tests.

In its judgment, the Supreme Court has said that Article 251 of the implementing agencies to ensure uniformity in the national language of the script governments to create harmony, within three months of government regulations translate into Urdu language. Department of court cases presented in their responses as possible, judicial decisions relating to the public interest to be translated into Urdu, the court’s decision to implement every person has the right to litigation. August 26 hearing, the court had reserved decision.


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