Be Careful while Using Social Media And Mobile Apps

by Tahir Abdur Razzaq

Hello! young guys now Be Careful while Using Social Media And Mobile Apps ever. Smartphone and three g / Four G thanks to social media and it has been so easy access to other sites on the Internet is part of our daily routine is becoming when that does not require any special skills for Internet access just could use a few years younger child also easily catch if negligence is taken is easier can also lead to many difficulties health follow some precautions about social media and mobile apps yourself you can keep these problems.  You should know that Social Media and mobile apps can hurt your business if used carelessly so be carefull ever. Carefull while using  Mobile Apps That Are Doing Social Media Right

Caution Sharing: 

 not very private information about yourself on social media. If there are some things that you just have this option on both Facebook and Instagram friends will want to know, use it.

Use secure protocols:  use of social media, email and other websites that HTTPS (Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol). This protocol ensures secure access to their websites. If someone wants to login to the internet connection available in a public place first check the relevant websites will understand if I just wrote is not HTTP because it is the site address that your desired service via insecure network login and may have been the target of a hacker.

Make think understanding friends: 

 When you receive friend requests on social media first get information about the sender application because it may be that he’s a fraud and increase known on the Internet in future have plans to harm.

The false application: 

  it may be that your account has been hacked or friend of an acquaintance who had been requested to provide quick money to help you. Such attacks by hackers called ‘phishing attack. Send an e-mail or emotional rather than having direct contact with the person to find out what it really takes you by email or not. If he forbade them to immediately change the password.

Too smart to know more aspiring apps: 

 known and unknown to many more questions than when you install if companies made apps and your contact Sit demand access list is smart to be as it may move a hacker which get more information about you and may even try to harm.

Keep the password secret:  Hide my email / social media passwords and not tell anyone about them. It too is equally important that the word should not be two separate services.

More info: 

 The same information about themselves on social media, which are essential to provide, it is very possible that you now sit provide some information about yourself in mind that using a hacker easily Mali for you, physically and impair psychological damage.

Do not tell me everything  that the increasing trend of social media are helping people share information about its small things take a plane trip and purchased expensive items. This information associated with criminals and kidnappings business can turn to you and make you their next target.

What is the use of regret: 

 direct your status or image, whatever you share on the Internet is always available on any server, even if you have not, why delete it. So have some good ideas to share on the Internet and social media, or may even regret later.

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