Volcano Ash turning the Chile city to deserts

San Diego (April 30, 2015): ENSENADA Chile area of Chile volcano eruption last week after the ash has changed in the desert. Chile's Calbuco volcano triggers fresh evacuation

According to British media last week in Chile ENSENADA Chile area quiet for decades and millions of tons of ash spewing volcano has burst phar ”kylbuku” dumrtbh which has been the scene of puraalaqh gray desert. Dust gray eyes look far.

The ashes from the roofs of several houses and businesses were destroyed. Ash debris from the area to help the situation has been less of a problem, but despite this people continue to take the name. “Wherever you look all you see is dim dust; there is a normal of 50cm (20in) of it over the towns and on all the rooftops,” He told the Associated Press news office.

The powers permitted a portion of the inhabitants emptied from the town of Ensenada to return quickly so as to attempt to spare some of their tangibles. Rony Alvarado found that the top of his eatery had crumpled under the heaviness of the slag. “Eleven years of work [gone] in one day, one second,” he said.The Calbuco spring of gushing lava in southern Chile emitted twice a week ago.

compelling the departure of more than 6,000 individuals. Chilean powers said on Saturday that the spring of gushing lava had retched out an expected 210 million cubic meters (7,420 million cubic feet) of fiery debris. Neighborhood occupant Victor Hugo Toledo said the territory resembled a “dark desert”.When people say that the rain of ash sludge oils can be more dangerous.

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