What is Sola Singhar? A beauty for Every Girl

This is the term that women love to say on every wedding or other party when the gather for  mayoon or some engagement time. Know here What is Sola Singhar?. woman dressed dressing their attention is focused, the objective is to look attractive and beautiful, it is impossible without accessories different attire. 

With the passing of time unique experiences in the world of fashion and make-up techniques have been terribly affected by the accelerator. The arrival of new types of innovative products and promote awareness of the fragile make-up is given.

What is Sola Singhar? 

Beauty parlors renowned make-up artist from each channel based on the beauty of the program is simple and easy recipes, markets and all kinds of skin products for women of color and form sales difficulties of the sector slightly is reduced. The thing is to think of women with beauty and when it is so ancient, so that when such facilities were not available, girls and women were used? Sola Singhar on Wedding

We become women for dresses, sixteen beauty ‘use of the word, that is the answer. Usually dressed girls dressing in everyday conversation is called the word, but in the past sixteen women whose allurements of goods and gives the place some gamers are, in fact, the ‘sixteen beauty’ khlatyn. Indeed, beauty, necklace with beauty and is inextricably linked to women, but this time were not successful contemporary facilities such as diarrhea, even women without beauty would not like to get out of the house, from the beginning, that beauty sixteen The woman was considered a real beauty and form.

Indian Subcontinent, grooms and decorate your beauty in the fragile beauty of the Sahara would have been sixteen, which significantly increased their glitter look. They handled all matters of housekeeping or your adviser before ceremoniously prepared extracts, flavored with oil in the hair, eyes, mascara, lips, etc. Mississippi.

Indian Subcontinent mynsulh also increased the importance of beauty that most married women or married women wearing these items were made or consider themselves incomplete. Sixteen actually used for beautifying many things in their traditions, beliefs and superstitions was attached, married women and their husbands sixteen things longevity, prosperity, consider three guarantee the accuracy, this time on the big Older women would get strict.

Use this beauty is linked to ancient civilizations, which was quite hard work. Before the advent of innovative products for make-up, there were sixteen classic things, about the history of beauty does not get any clearer then, however, different ancient civilizations, including Dravidian, the Aryan periods statues of Gandhara and patterns, Pictures, stories and literature about their beauty and sixteen signs are seen, therefore, can be said that this was the beginning of India’s ancient civilizations.

Thousands of years ago in India before marriage experienced women and grandmother, grandmothers, girls earrings do regular training on their use.Thus it came to pass from generation to generation the art renovation.Hindu women from different religious and social festivals and sixteen stages in the manufacture of goods from these sixteen gzrtyn. For the beauty of traditional goods were inevitable. After living together in the Muslim and Sikh women also began to affect the rituals. Huylyun and living in particular neighborhoods amrakuatyn, baronetage wives and queens of the sixteen sjatyn things, some jewelry and some of them have to face the things that s.

Sixteen lots of beauty traditions of the people of that time were linked to religious beliefs. We still often things are derived from Hinduism.

  1. Tikka (forehead rate), which is planted in demand.
  2. Chandelier, which is applied to one side of the face.
  3. Her earrings, or earrings servant.
  4. Bangles, various rings worn on the elbow and arm.
  5. Waist belt, gold, silver belt.
  6. Eye mascara.
  7. Hand, arm and leg to set up sole mnhdy.
  8. Anghuthyan, RCA or worn fingertips anghuthy large glass which has been linked.
  9. Perfumes and fragrances are different.
  10. Pile, anklets, jhanjhr or break, foot strip, which is worn in the thumb, abaft (foot wears fingers)
  11. Hair gjry
  12. Top Flower (gold or silver were produced)
  13. Carved demand. It is a tradition of Hinduism, sixteen beauty Since ancient India also connect to the fabric, the Hindu religious tradition is included.
  14. Chain necklace or black ships, which had been gold (according to the ancient traditions of wearing was married do not eat)
  15. Nail nose
  16. Kiln (mine were two holes in the upper part, which she wore gold flowers)

In the ancient times, sixteen beauty, fragile to undergo the following six stages were necessary, after which their beauty and grooming was considered complete.

  1. Massage

The first being drawn to the ancient manuscripts stinking oil massage was possible.

  1. Welcome Bvvں full bath

This is a bath, but the milk soap, and then rose, almond, rose petals, vetiver etc. are matched to the particular recipe in the water, which is bathed.

  1. Hair Laptop

After the massage oil in the hair of the laptop is sykakayy mixes. For other herbs to make hair strong and applied, finally beat him reetha hair is well washed.

  1. Facial beauty

Face, neck, arms and shoulders of the finest sandalwood powder was found to be low, with the distinctive smell of the skin gives special glow.

  1. Make eye

I put mascara or kohl, thick stripes or lines are drawn even more noticeable.

  1. Tilak

Tilak was carved on the face goes red or gold placed sterilized. (This is linked to the Hindu traditions)

  1. Deshmukh propitiation

Who made her mark on the particular type of ‘propitiation Deshmukh called, were the beliefs of ancient people that it would cut marks were evil eye. Silver, gold or precious pearls framed, mark it on studded planted in graphic style.

  1. Hair

Locks of hair in different styles is twist or unique, upscale couple were braided or mountains.

  1. Lips make-up

The coloring of the lips or heading are decorated in different styles, some women from the lips of Pan Hues, a Mississippi sjatyn them down.

  1. Hand decoration

With clean hands, henna or mnhdy look at them, then put fingers red ornaments to decorate different kinds of tailor work.

  1. For feet

At this stage of the feet well after cleaning mehndi placed on them, for the sole mehndi given color, the red color is used to make the image on the feet, adorned feet are made at the end.

  1. Clothes

Tohwar water or of the  approximation based on their excellent work clothes Bڑے respect and complementary practices.

13.Gajre (Bridal Choorian)

Hair, hands and neck are adorned with fresh flowers Gajre, Juhi or cnbyly flowers around the wrist is wrapped lump gjry, hair braid or couple gjry planted around it.

  1. Jewellery

Different kinds of jewelry to be equipped with a stage, which takes a good four moons.

  1. For the breath of his mouth

Mouth breathing or cardamom to give the water pleasant feeling, fed, and happy msag stinking goods were made for chewing, some women face to flavored tobacco use does.

  1. The final step

In the closing stage of a woman or girl in front of the mirror is taken up and so did the one thing carefully reviewed, where lacking, it is removed immediately. 

Then get ready for a woman or girl. This sixteen-phase preparations were made for most brides, the queens and the wives of the leaders also attended a festival or through these stages were before.


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