Wood or Steel Garage Door – Which one is better

There are some very nice models of garage doors whose colors can harmonize with the exterior cladding of your home. But what about materials? What to choose between wood and steel? You appreciate the look of wood but you would also like not to have to maintain your future garage door.The experts and installers of garage doors like DIY-garage-door-parts know the different types of garage door models. Here is what they think of these two materials. If you wants to learn more about DIY-Garage-Door-Parts, than visit this website. Here you will find a complete info about garage door and garage door springs. Wood or Steel Garage Door – Which one is better

Wood or Steel Garage Door

  1. WOOD

The wood provides an undeniable cachet. A house with one or two wooden garage doors offers a traditional and charming appearance. Whether the wood is dark or pale, the effect is immediate. It is a noble material that releases a lot of heat.

It is possible to obtain a custom wood door that can have the precise dimensions required. You can also choose a wooden garage door that will harmonize with your front door, if it is wood. There are, of course, different qualities of construction for wooden doors, ranging from low end to high end.

The disadvantages of wooden garage doors are that they are more expensive than steel doors (3 to 4 times more expensive in the high-end bespoke and their insulation capacity is lower compared to doors made of polyurethane-insulated steel The wooden garage doors also require some maintenance, including giving a coat of varnish or protective dye every 2 years

The price of a wooden garage door varies, depending on whether either single or double, with or without fenestration. You can find a single wooden garage door starting at $ 1,600, and a double starting at $ 2,900, installation included.

  1. STEEL

The steel garage doors are the choice of many homeowners. These doors, whose coating is in painted paint, are resistant to scratches and hazards of temperature and Wind, rain, snow, ice do not seem to affect them. In addition, they require very little maintenance.

Robust and sturdy when injected with polyurethane foam (which not only insulates well, but also solidifies), steel garage doors can be more easily dented without insulation. Their price can vary according to the quality, as well as according to the models offered. The proposed dimensions are not customized, and they are not very customizable.

Interestingly, in recent years, manufacturers have been offering doors that mimic the appearance of wooden garage doors, both in their patterns and colors. A good idea to buy if you like wood but not its maintenance!

The price of steel garage doors can vary: there are single garage doors starting at $ 1,000 and double garage doors starting at $ 1,950 (with installation but no fenestration).

  1. You Choice

Whether you like wood for its traditional look, or metal for ease of maintenance and insulation potential, both materials offer advantages and disadvantages.

To view the available wood and metal garage door models, as well as colors and other customization aspects, visit our design center. Upload a photo of your house front and you can insert the door model you like! This is an easy way to shop, which allows you to change the model, color and material to quickly see the final effect!

You can also come and meet us in store and visit our showroom. You can see our models of wooden and metal doors. We can also explain the features, talk about insulation, prices, installation, maintenance, etc.



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